Quickvid.ai – Cut Up Videos Into Viral Clips

Quickvid.ai is an innovative AI-powered video creation platform making waves in the digital content space in 2024.

This Quickvid.ai review covers everything potential users need to know, including its core capabilities, how it works, key features, pricing, pros and cons, top alternatives, and more.

Read on for the complete lowdown on Quickvid.ai and how it aims to revolutionize short-form video production.

What is Quickvid.ai?

Quickvid.ai is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product focused on using cutting-edge generative AI to automate short video creation for platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

The primary goal of Quickvid.ai is to take longer videos and automatically repurpose them into multiple short, shareable, vertical clips optimized to go viral.

This AI-powered video editor stands apart for providing an end-to-end automated solution while still allowing users full control to make final edits as needed before export.

Beyond significant time savings, Quickvid.ai empowers anyone, regardless of technical skill, to produce attention-grabbing short videos that rank and convert.

How Quickvid.ai Works


The Quickvid.ai platform utilizes state-of-the-art generative AI systems to reinvent longer videos into series of 6-60 second vertical shorts tailored for modern social media platforms.

The workflow consists of users simply uploading an existing longer-form video. Quickvid.ai’s algorithms then analyze the video, identify the most shareable segments, and create a series of draft short videos focusing on those viral clips.

Users can review the automatically generated shorts and seamlessly provide feedback to refine the final outputs before export.

So while the platform handles the heavy lifting of ideation and repetitive editing tasks, creators maintain full control over the styling, messaging, captions, text, effects, and other key elements.

Features of Quickvid.ai

Quickvid.ai focuses its robust features on automating short video creation while preserving creative control for users:

  • Auto Pilot Generative AI Engine: Proprietary algorithms analyze videos and auto-generate optimized 6-60 second vertical shorts.
  • Viral Clip Focus: Identifies and isolates the most engaging segments of videos for repurposing.
  • Reinvention Capabilities: Tranforms landscape video into series of portrait-style shorts.
  • Flexible Editing: Easy drag and drop editor to make adjustments before final export.
  • Text & Elements: Add customizable captions, effects, logos, stylized text.
  • Final Approval: Review and provide feedback on auto-generated clip drafts.
  • Cloud-Based: Quickvid.ai runs on the cloud allowing access from any device.
  • Bulk Processing: Uploading large volumes of videos enables mass automation.

Unlike some auto-video creators, Quickvid.ai maintains creative control as the #1 priority, allowing the AI to handle repetitive and analytical tasks while users focus on styling and messaging.


How much does Quickvid.ai cost?

PlanPriceKey Features
Basic$39 per month20 videos per month, 24 editing hours, standard turnaround times
Pro$79 per month40 videos per month, 48 editing hours, faster turnaround, quality options unlocked
BusinessCustom QuotePremium features, multi-user access, brand settings, dedicated support team, custom SLAs

Quickvid.ai offers tiered pricing plans for solo creators, production teams, and enterprise customers. Users can opt to pay monthly or take advantage of discounts for 6 or 12 month pre-paid packages. Custom quotes are available for large and complex video needs exceeding standard plan limits.

Pros of Quickvid.ai

Fast TurnaroundQuickvid.ai edits up to 10x faster than human editing for efficiency
Viral FocusClips created focus on most shareable moments for better reach
Easy to UseIntuitive editor minimizes learning curve for beginners
Affordable PlansTiered packages fit varying budgets and workloads
Bulk ProcessingLarge video libraries benefit from mass automation

Cons of Quickvid.ai

Vertical-OnlyCurrently limited to vertical shorts, no landscape support
Requires Upfront VideosNeeds existing longer videos, doesn’t create originals
Limited ControlAI makes creative choices users can’t override
Unproven at ScaleVery new to market, results vary across use cases

How to Use Quickvid.ai: Complete Overview

Quickvid.ai aims to make short video creation as seamless as possible:

  1. Sign Up: Create a Quickvid.ai account by providing your email and password. Pick initial plan based on needs.
  2. Upload Videos: Add longer videos up to 1-hour in length to repurpose into shorts.
  3. Set Parameters: Pick desired length for generated clips between 6-60 seconds. Set any other preferences.
  4. AI Creates Drafts: Quickvid.ai analyzes videos and creates clip drafts showcasing viral moments.
  5. Refine Content: Preview auto drafts and use editor to refine with custom captions, text, effects, etc.
  6. Approve & Export: Review final outputs and approve videos to export natively to any platform.

The combination of automation and creative tools empowers users at any skill level to reinvent existing content for short video platforms.

Quickvid.ai Alternatives

ToolPrimary StrengthsPrice
Trimmr.aiPowerful editing features$19+ per month
WOXOStrong graphics capabilitiesFree – $19 per month
Opus ClipIntuitive mobile experience$12+ per month
ShortMakeSpecializes in 60-second videos$11+ per month
Stork.AIFocus on customization$9+ per month

Quickvid.ai ranks among the emerging competitors in automated short video editing by balancing usability, automation, and creative control. When comparing alternatives, assess particular strengths around production needs.

Conclusion and Verdict: Quickvid.ai Review

Quickvid.ai delivers tremendous value as an automated AI solution purpose-built for short video content across social platforms. By handling repetitive analytical tasks like Quickvid.ai offers both efficiency and quality.

The platform clearly resonates most with creators who already possess longer-form video content. By reinventing existing assets, Quickvid.ai unlocks substantial untapped potential.

With affordable pricing and a straightforward user experience, both amateur and pro content producers can benefit.

As short video consumption explodes across apps like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, Quickvid.ai presents a force multiplier for reaching shareable content at scale.

For any individual or organization focused on leveraging back catalogs and maximizing reach, Quickvid.ai warrants a closer look.

FAQs: Quickvid.ai

What types of videos work best with Quickvid.ai?

Quickvid.ai performs optimally with videos up to 60 minutes long containing engaging segments that translate well to shortened vertical clips between 6-60 seconds. Videos with clean edits and transitions tend to produce better results.

Does Quickvid.ai create completely original short videos?

No, Quickvid.ai repurposes and reinvents highlight clips from existing long-form video assets provided by the user. It does not currently generate wholly new video content from scratch.

Can I delete clips suggested by Quickvid.ai and only export ones I want?

Yes, Quickvid.ai allows full control over the editing process, enabling deleting, rearranging, or modifying any suggested clips before export. You have final approval over which shorts get produced.

What file formats does Quickvid.ai support?

Quickvid.ai supports uploading videos files in MP4, MOV, and AVI formats up to 1-hour in length and exports shorts as user-friendly MP4 files ready for any platform.

How long does it take Quickvid.ai to generate short video drafts?

Editing speeds depend largely on variables like source length and quality. However, most jobs process in less than 20 minutes thanks to Quickvid.ai’s automated approach editing up to 10x faster than manual work.