Wearenova.ai – Simple Online Video Editing Tool

Wearenova.ai is an innovative online video editing and content creation platform that leverages advanced artificial intelligence to streamline the video production workflow.

With capabilities like automated scene analysis, subtitle generation, and text-to-speech conversion, Wearenova.ai aims to simplify video editing so anyone can produce captivating video content.

This 2024 review provides a comprehensive look at Wearenova.ai’s features, pricing, benefits, downsides, and alternatives to help you determine if it’s the right AI-powered video editing solution for your needs.

What is Wearenova.ai?

Wearenova.ai is an AI-powered online video editing platform designed to enhance and automate parts of the video editing process.

Key capabilities provided by Wearenova.ai include:

  • Automated scene analysis using computer vision to detect people, objects, emotions, etc. in video footage
  • Auto-generated subtitles in multiple languages and formats
  • Text-to-speech conversion to create voiceovers from text
  • Video translations into 75+ languages
  • Options to merge, trim, and resize videos

With its machine learning algorithms, Wearenova.ai aims to save video editors time and simplify content creation for any user.

How Wearenova.ai Works


Wearenova.ai is a cloud-based platform accessible via web browser. Users can upload their video files, then leverage the various AI-powered editing features.

For example, to auto-generate subtitles, you can upload a video file and enter the desired source/target languages. Wearenova.ai will quickly transcribe and translate the video’s audio into editable subtitles.

The scene analysis feature automatically tags video clips to recognize faces, texts, objects, backgrounds, emotions, etc. This allows for easily sorting and filtering footage based on visual content.

Other key features like text-to-speech, translations, and video merging work similarly via Wearenova.ai’s intuitive browser-based interface.

Features of Wearenova.ai

Wearenova.ai comes packed with the following AI-powered features to enhance video editing:

Automated Scene Analysis

  • Leverages computer vision and machine learning to dissect video scenes
  • Accurately categorizes video content by objects, faces, emotions, text, backgrounds, etc.
  • Enables creating Smart Collections of footage based on auto-generated tags
  • Significantly speeds up raw video processing and analysis

Auto-Generated Subtitles

  • Transcribes video dialogue into editable subtitle files
  • Supports subtitle translation in over 75 languages
  • Downloads subtitles in formats like SRT, VTT, TTML, WebVTT
  • Options for full customization of subtitle text, timing, styles

Text-to-Speech Conversion

  • Converts typed text into life-like male or female voiceovers
  • Natural-sounding speech synthesis supported in 30+ languages
  • AI-driven text analysis for accurate pronunciation
  • Fully editable audio clips integrating text-to-speech

Video Translation

  • Translation of uploaded videos into 75+ target languages
  • Retains original video quality with embedded subtitles
  • Helps content reach wider, global audiences
  • Significantly faster than manual video translation

Additional Video Editing Tools

  • Merge multiple video clips into one
  • Trim, cut, and delete unwanted video segments
  • Resize videos for social media platforms
  • Chapter marker creation
  • Basic video effects and filters

How much does Wearenova.ai cost?

Wearenova.ai offers a free plan with limited features, along with two paid tiers for unlimited use priced as:

PlanPriceKey Features
BasicFreeUp to 60 minutes video processing per month
Pro$19/monthUnlimited AI video editing features
Business$39/monthUnlimited video processing, multi-user access

Additional services like human-powered subtitling and translations are available starting around $1/minute.

Overall, Wearenova.ai provides cost-effective pricing compared to hiring expert video editors or translators. The free plan allows trying basic features at no cost.

Pros of Wearenova.ai

Automates tedious editing tasksScene analysis, subtitles, TTS speed up editing
Intuitive interfaceBrowser-based with easy learning curve
Cost-effective pricingFree and paid plans available
Faster turnaround timesAI reduces editing and processing time
Multilingual supportSubtitles, voiceovers and video translation

Cons of Wearenova.ai

No native mobile appsBrowser-only access on mobile
Steep learning curveTakes time to master full capabilities
Mixed accuracyAI isn’t 100% perfect for every project
Limited integrationsDoesn’t integrate deeply with video editors

How to Use Wearenova.ai: Complete Overview

Wearenova.ai has an intuitive browser-based interface for handling the entire video editing workflow.

Here is a quick 4-step overview:

  • Step 1. Upload video files to Wearenova.ai directly via web browser
  • Step 2. Leverage desired editing features like scene analysis, subtitle creation, TTS, translations etc.
  • Step 3. Review and export final edited video project
  • Step 4. Download video files and generated assets like subtitles

The platform provides detailed guides and tutorials to help master each unique feature. With most capabilities automated by AI, the learning curve is reasonable compared to advanced video editing software.

Wearenova.ai Alternatives

PlatformKey FeaturesPrice
VEEDVideo editing, subtitles, trimmingFree – $20/month
DescriptTranscription, voiceover recording$10 – $40/month
SubtitleBeeSubtitle creation and translation$3 – $10/minute

VEED stands out as the top alternative, offering a suite of editing tools alongside subtitle generation powered by AI. For automated transcription specifically, Descript is a top contender. Services like SubtitleBee provide human-powered subtitling if accuracy is vital.

Overall, Wearenova.ai holds its own with a well-rounded feature set aimed specifically at AI video enhancements. But these alternatives excel in specific use cases like precision transcription or professional editing capabilities.

Conclusion and Verdict: Wearenova.ai Review

In closing, Wearenova.ai earns a strong recommendation as an AI-first video editing solution available at affordable pricing.

The automated scene analysis alone can save video creators hours of tedious editing work. And seamless subtitling unlocks videos to global audiences.

If you’re looking for an automated, easy-to-use tool specifically for AI video enhancements, WeAreNova.ai delivers.

With further refinement to translation accuracy and overall UX, it has the potential to revolutionize how creators produce video content powered by artificial intelligence.

FAQs: Wearenova.ai

Does Wearenova.ai offer a free trial?

Yes, Wearenova.ai offers a free Basic plan with 60 minutes of monthly video processing to test core features at no cost. Paid subscriptions start at $19/month for unlimited use.

What file formats does Wearenova.ai support?

Wearenova supports MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV and most common media file types. Output files can be downloaded in desired formats.

Can I use Wearenova.ai on mobile?

While there are no native mobile apps, the web platform works on mobile browsers for uploading, editing, and managing video projects on the go.

Is my data secure on Wearenova.ai?

Wearenova employs enterprise-grade security measures to keep customer data safe, including encryption of video files, access controls and stringent privacy protocols.

What is the accuracy level of Wearenova.ai translations?

Translation accuracy rates average 80-90%, on par with other AI-powered services. For maximum precision, Wearenova provides optional human translation services.