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Over the last few years, conversational chatbots and AI assistants have become indispensable tools for businesses looking to automate customer service, increase sales, and streamline operations.

With advanced natural language capabilities and intuitive bot builders now available, it’s easier than ever to create intelligent chatbots that feel like talking to a human. stands out in the bot platform market for its exceptionally human-like bots capable of understanding complex questions, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and solving problems through natural text or voice conversations.

This in-depth review covers everything potential users would want to know:

  • Key features and capabilities
  • Usability of the no/low-code bot builder
  • Pricing plans for all budgets
  • Notable pros and cons to consider
  • A guide to getting started with
  • Top alternatives

If you want to understand if’s industry-leading conversational AI is the right solution for your business needs, this 2024 review has got you covered.

What is is an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform founded in 2021 that enables anyone to build advanced virtual assistants and chatbots without needing technical skills.

The company’s conversational AI capabilities like contextual awareness, empathetic personalities, and multi-turn dialogues help create human-like bots that feel like talking to a real person.

The key highlight of is how its intuitive drag-and drop chatbot builder allows both technical and non-technical teams to quickly build bots for a variety use-cases across industries:

  • Customer Service – Virtual support agents, product advisors, account managers
  • Ecommerce – Shopify store assistants to qualify leads, provide product advice and upsell items
  • Healthcare – Patient intake, medical advice and appointment booking bots
  • HR & IT – Help desk bots for HR, IT and internal queries
  • Lead generation – Engage and qualify marketing leads 24/7

How Works

The natural language processing (NLP) architecture built into allows bots to handle everything from simple FAQs to highly complex conversational queries.

The advanced NLU engine provides deep language understanding to discern context and intent.

Key technical capabilities like multi-turn dialogues, context tracking, and fallback prompts allow bots to have lifelike conversations with users.

The bots can gather details over multiple questions, resolve followup queries, recover gracefully from confusion and ultimately guide users to relevant solutions.

On the integration front, seamlessly plugs into 100+ business platforms like Shopify, Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack and cloud messaging apps. This makes both bot building and deployment easy, without needing engineering resources.

The centralized dashboard offers bot analytics covering engagement, containment rates, popular queries and conversations requiring human intervention. These insights help businesses optimize bot performance.

Features of

Let’s do a deep dive into the marquee features and capabilities packed into

Advanced Natural Language Capabilities

At the core of’s human-like bots is the advanced natural language engine that can accurately understand different ways users phrase questions and queries. Key NLP features include:

  • Contextual awareness – Understand followup questions by tracking context
  • Multi-turn conversations – Engage in detailed, branching dialogues
  • Flexible responses – Paraphrase answers in multiple ways
  • Typo tolerance and error recovery – Decipher misspelled text
  • Support 100+ languages – Help global audiences

Intuitive Bot Builder

The drag-and-drop visual bot builder makes it easy for anyone to build, train and manage complex conversational bots without coding. Users can:

  • Customize bots with images, brand colors and themes
  • Design multiple bot profiles and personalities
  • Map complex conversation flows with branches
  • Set dialog triggers, variables and context tracking
  • Integrate bots withpopular apps and messaging platforms

Omnichannel Deployment

Once built, bots can be deployed across omnichannel touchpoints including Web Chat, SMS, Apps, IVR and popular platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat and Google Business Messaging.

Vertical-Optimized Bots offers specially tailored bots, pre-built templates and integrations for:

  • Healthcare – HIPAA compliant bots for patient engagement
  • Ecommerce – Shopify bots to upsell cart items and boost sales
  • IT & HR – Help desk bots to resolve internal support tickets

CRM, Analytics and Chat Integrations

CRM Integration – Sync user profiles and conversations with CRM platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot and Zendesk for centralized data and handoff to human agents.

Analytics Dashboards – Inbuilt analytics provide engagement metrics, popular queries, containment rates and other data to optimize bot performance.

Live Chat Integration – Humans agents can seamlessly take over complex conversations started by bots using’s live chat apps.

How much does cost? offers flexible pricing plans suitable for any company budget and scale:

  • Starter – Best for early stage startups. Allows upto 10K messages.
  • Growth – Ideal for revenue generating businesses. Upto 100K messages.
  • Business – For large enterprises. Bring your own bot agent.
  • Enterprise – Fully custom tailored package.

Annual subscriptions offer savings of nearly 20% over monthly plans.

The pricing primarily depends on expected bot usage and messages, along with capabilities like analytics, integrations and custom conversational flows beyond basic FAQs.

Interested users can also test drive for free via a 15 day trial.

Pros of

Easy drag & drop builderCreate advanced bots visually without coding
Rapid deploymentLaunch bots in under 1 hour with 50+ templates
Omnichannel botsOne bot deployed across 11 messaging channels
Scalable infrastructureEnterprise-grade security, uptime and global CDNs
HIPAA compliant capabilitiesSafe for building healthcare bots
Shopify optimizedIntegrated ecommerce bots to boost sales
Custom BotsTailor everything from branding to conversations makes bot building truly accessible to non-developers, with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to map AI conversations.

Users can also easily deploy bots across a variety of channels beyond basic chat to interact with customers via SMS, Mobile Apps, IVR and popular platforms like WhatsApp.

For enterprises, provides robust security, high uptime SLAs and global infrastructure to scale bot conversations.

The platform meets rigorous compliance needs with SOC 2, ISO 27001 certification and HIPAA compliant capabilities suitable even for healthcare bots.

Advanced customization options even allow tailoring everything from bot personality and branding to building custom conversational flows for different users.

Cons of

Steep learning curveMastering advanced features has a learning curve
Third-party limitationsIntegrations not as extensive as competitors
Only text-based conversationsNo voice or other modalities yet

While makes getting started easy, tapping into the platform’s full suite of enterprise-grade customization and analytics capabilities has a steep learning curve.

Less technical users may find it challenging to build extremely advanced bots without developer help.

Compared to conversational AI platforms focused purely on integration capabilities, offers relatively limited third-party software and app integrations out of the box. Expanding ecosystem support for less popular software tools may require custom development effort.

Lastly, while text-based conversations are extremely accurate thanks to’s NLU, businesses wanting voice assistants will need to look elsewhere. The platform does not yet have integrated voice capabilities beyond basic IVR phone menus.

How to Use Complete Overview

Here is a step-by-step overview of getting started with bot development:

  1. Sign up for a free trial account at website
  2. Use the Bot Builder canvas to visually build your chatbot through easy drag-and-drop
    • Design the bot theme & brand personality
    • Author dialog responses
    • Create conversation branching logic
    • Set dialog context variables
    • Customize bot integrations & deployments
  3. Train NLU models through sample conversations covering expected user queries and questions
  4. Connect Messaging Channels to deploy bot and allow users to start conversations
  5. Talk to your bot and optimize performance using Analytics Dashboard covering engagement metrics, escalations Alternatives [Use Markdown Table]

While is a leader in enterprise-grade conversational AI, here are some alternative platforms solving similar use cases:

AlternativeBest For
Ada SupportAI-powered customer service at scale
MobileMonkeyMessenger chatbot marketing campaigns
FlowXOSimple drag and drop bot builder
ChatfuelEasy bots without needing developers

Ada Support – Best for large enterprises needing AI bots for customer service and support at high volumes. Packed with vertical solutions.

MobileMonkey – Ideal for marketers to orchestrate targeted campaigns leveraging Facebook Messenger’s massive reach.

FlowXO – Easy drag and drop bot builder for non-technical teams. Lower sophistication than

Chatfuel – Quickly transform standard FAQ sequences into chatbots without involving developers. matches or surpasses these rivals when it comes to the sophistication of natural conversations supported. But alternative solutions may be better fits depending on specific capability tradeoffs expected.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review offers a best-in-class conversational AI chatbot platform enterprises can leverage to transform customer and employee experiences through lifelike conversational interfaces.

The advanced natural language and contextual capabilities allow even complex dialogues to happen seamlessly, with the accuracy and sophistication required for business deployment at scale.

A particularly big competitive advantage is the easy-to-use bot builder tailored for non-technical teams. This allows quicker development cycles and rapid iteration to delight users.

While the platform isn’t as coding-flexible as developer-centric rivals, the packaged solutions and customizable templates provide ample guardrails for any company to build robust industry-specific bots.

Overall, scores highly for usability while matching best-in-class conversational AI sophistication. It strikes a rare balance making it accessible for fast bot development cycles without compromising on user experience. makes an ideal enterprise solution for conversational AI initiatives across customer service, marketing and IT/HR workflows.


Does offer a free trial?

Yes. offers a generous 15-day free trial to build your first chatbot without any limitations.

Can Quest handle conversations in multiple languages?

Yes. The platform has inbuilt support for over 100 global languages to deploy multilingual chatbots.

How long does it take to build a basic chatbot?

A basic conversational bot handling simple FAQs can be set up and deployed in under 1 hour. More complex bots may take several hours spread over a few days.

Does integrate with CRMs like Salesforce and Zendesk?

Yes. Native integrations with all popular CRM platforms are available to synchronize conversations and user data.

Can I export and backup my chatbot data from

Absolutely, facilitates easy export of bot data including training conversations, analytics, logs etc for backup. This ensure no lock-in.