-【2024】Unlock The Power of AI Music

In an age where content creation is booming, getting access to affordable, license-free music can be a major challenge for video producers, podcasters, and other creators.

Enter – an ingenious AI platform that generates an endless supply of custom, usable tracks in seconds. But does this emerging music tech live up to the hype?

This 2024 review covers everything creators need to know, including features, capabilities, pricing, pros & cons, and the top alternatives on the market.

What is is an artificial intelligence-powered music generator that produces custom, royalty-free songs, instrumentals, and music loops in any genre imaginable.

Marketed as a “no-limits AI composer in your pocket“, it gives creators an unlimited supply of background music to enhance the production value of their videos, podcasts, games, or other media.

The platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms trained on over 100,000 songs to craft professional-sounding original compositions.

Everything is created completely from scratch rather than sampling existing tracks. This gives peace of mind from a copyright perspective and means the musical possibilities are endless.

Unlike subscription services offering pre-made stock music, Soundraw’s tech enables personalization of each track to match the exact length, style, instruments and mood creators need, on demand.

How Works

Soundraw employs a straightforward 4-step process:

  1. Select genre & mood – Choose from categories like pop, rock, jazz or pick a specific emotion.
  2. Customize track details – Input desired length, tempo, instruments, variations and more.
  3. Instant AI-generated composition – Soundraw’s algorithm creates a unique song in seconds based on your directions.
  4. Download & edit – Download the high-quality track and edit right in your production workflow.

The system also provides advanced controls for fine-tuning note patterns, adjusting volume on instrument layers and remixing sections as required.

For use in videos, presentations or any other purpose, tracks can be exported as .MP3 or .WAV files up to master quality, fully cleared for commercial use.

Features of

Unlimited Generation: With’s AI system, there are literally no limits on music generation. Users can produce unlimited tracks in any style needed absolutely free during the trial period.

Paid subscriptions then allow unlimited downloads. This compares extremely favorably to competitors offering just 30-50 tracks per month in their stock catalogs.

Complete Customization: Every aspect of generated songs can be customized, including:

  • Length
  • Tempo
  • Instruments
  • Music style & feel
  • Song sections
  • File format & sound quality

The advanced editing features also give control over specific instrument volumes, note patterns and more.

5000+ Music Genres & Moods: Whether producing background music for a vlog, podcast intro or gaming highlight reel, Soundraw’s catalog has creators covered. Choose from over 5000 genres and moods, encompassing everything from high-energy EDM to inspirational country ballads and everything in between.

Hassle-Free Licensing: All tracks produced with the app include a commercial license, making them 100% cleared for monetization on sites like YouTube without any royalties or attribution.

Integrations: Soundraw comes packed with integrations that make working with generated music a breeze. This includes:

  • API access – Allows direct integration with third-party apps and services programmatically.
  • Collabs – Enables creating shared projects for easy team collaboration.
  • Sync to storage – Uploads completed tracks to cloud storage services like Dropbox automatically.

Capabilities of

When leveraging’s versatile music generator, creators gain a variety of unique capabilities.

AI-Powered Composition: At the core, Soundraw provides a groundbreaking AI composer that delivers radio-ready songs adapted to any video within seconds. The machine learning algorithm analyzes harmonic patterns, instruments and arrangements to produce incredibly human-like compositions indistinguishable from tracks made by real producers.

All this happens instantly without needing to wait hours or days for a freelancer to complete the work. For YouTubers on a deadline or bootstrapped entrepreneurs, it’s a game changer.

Hassle-Free Editing: Beyond intelligently generating songs from scratch, one of Soundraw’s biggest assets is enabling anyone to seamlessly edit compositions to perfection. This empowers novice creators lack musical expertise to polish AI-generated ideas into commercial-grade soundtracks.

Through the intuitive audio editing interface, users can rearrange song sections, tweak volume levels, add effects, isolate instrumental stems, control syllable patterns for background vocals and more with just a few clicks.

Automation handles the heavy lifting while customization options provide unlimited freedom.

Personalized Music: Every company wants a custom branded theme song to make their videos and podcasts memorable. Agency-quality original compositions used to cost upwards of $1000. Now Soundraw makes it achievable for ordinary users through AI personalization.

No more searching endless catalogs of stock music hoping to find something that matches your vibe. Simply input details like genre, mood and instruments desired and the platform returns a bespoke track tailored to your brand in seconds flat.

Benefits of

Soundraw packs an arsenal of benefits for YouTubers, marketers, composers and all types of digital content producers:

Saves Time: Press record, add a powerful music bed that captures the exact tone needed, then export. Getting professional-quality original soundtracks is now a 5 minute job with Soundraw’s lightning-fast generation. For creators under tight deadlines to churn out videos, podcasts and other content, that time savings is invaluable.

Low Cost: Between paying composers or licensing pre-made tracks, background music used to be a major production expense. With unlimited use priced below $20 monthly, Soundraw delivers immense value, slashing these audio production costs substantially.

Legal Peace of Mind: Using unlicensed music can lead to copyright claims or channel strikes. But thanks to built-in commercial licensing, Soundraw compositions provide complete legal clearance protecting videos and channels.

Easy Customization: Dialing into the perfect soundtrack is a cinch. Tweak the vibe, lengthen or shorten, raise instrument volumes and edit to satisfaction without needing any formal music training.

Scales Production: Finally, harnessing AI automation empowers individuals to increase their output and punch above their weight compared to teams. A demanding workflow creating multiple videos daily is now achievable solo.

How much does cost?

Soundraw offers straightforward pricing with the option of monthly or discounted yearly subscriptions:

PlanBilled MonthlyBilled Yearly

Personal packs plenty of power with 50 downloads daily and full commercial licensing. It suits solo creators well.

Pro equips bigger teams with five member logins, unlimited downloads and premium features like workflow integrations.

Both tiers permit unlimited music generation without any caps so users can experiment freely and export as many tracks as they require for paying gigs.

Competitively, comparable services providing 30 downloaded songs monthly typically start around the same $15/month rate. This demonstrates Soundraw’s immense additional value from AI automation.

Pros of

Cost SavingsSlash production music costs through unlimited AI-generated tracks
Time SavingsCreate soundtracks 5-10x faster than traditional methods
Intuitive InterfaceEasy generation and editing through user-friendly design
Total CustomizationEvery track personalized to precise production needs
Seamless WorkflowExports integrate directly into video editing platforms
Commercial LicensesCleared for monetizing YouTube, podcasts & other media

Cons of

Steep Learning CurveFull capabilities require complex initial configuration
Limited SupportIf issues arise, customer support response times can lag
Control LimitationsLess total Fine-tuning possible vs advanced music composition software

While the pros clearly outweigh the cons for most users, Soundraw isn’t flawless. Reaching its full potential requires learning to navigate its vast array of advanced controls which may frustrate less tech-savvy creators at first.

Support channels could also be streamlined, although the company claims assistance response times are improving rapidly.

Finally, extremely intricate details of each composition can’t be endlessly tweaked as they could with dedicated DAW production software. But for 99% of casual users, Soundraw’s customization options should suffice.

How to Use Complete Overview

Here is a quick 4 step walkthrough to start harnessing this game changing AI tool:

Step 1. Select Genre & Target Mood

Browse Soundraw’s massive music genre and mood filter catalog encompassing over 5000 styles from Epic Adventure to Romantic Piano Ballad to Upbeat Corporate Pop. This ensures the AI generates musical ideas precisely tailored to video needs from the starting line, saving time.

Step 2. Set Track Details

Input desired length, tempo, instruments, musical sections, syllables and more through Soundraw’s customizable track form. The AI will craft every release specifically to this framework.

Step 3. Generate AI Music

With a single click, Soundraw leverages its machine learning algorithm trained on 100,000+ harmonies to output a radio-worthy soundtrack matching all set parameters in seconds.

Step 4. Download & Edit

Export the AI-generated song right to a video editing timeline. Or optionally customize it first using Soundraw’s built-in editing tools to tweak volumes, patterns, effects and sections until the music conveys the perfect tone.

And repeat! With the foundation steps completed, pumped out unlimited unique soundtracks automated to perfection in a few minutes each. Alternatives

Soundraw carved an early niche in AI-generated music. But competitors are springing up fast seeking to grab a share of this high-demand market. Here are 5 rival services creators should consider:

ServiceKey FeaturesPricing
Amadeus CodeAI composing assistant + pre-made loops$9.99+/mo
MubertUnlimited AI music generator$19+/mo
SplashioCinematic quality compositionsCustom Quote
Epidemic Sound30 tracks/mo music library$15/mo
ArtlistHand-crafted song catalog$199/yr

Amadeus Code offers a mixed SaaS/loop based approach to resources. Mubert provides a comparable generation-focused model but with more EDM and electronic music bases covered. Splashio pitches themselves as the premium high fidelity cinematic background music solution.

On the stock music side, Epidemic Sound’s affordable all-you-can download pricing competes strongly if searching pre-existing catalogs is preferable to pure AI creation. Artlist similarly offers access to a quality pool of tracks for a flat annual rate.


In closing, Soundraw stands at the vanguard of AI pushing endless musical possibilities to the masses. Rather than cost-prohibitive custom scoring or gambling on pre-made stock mismatches, it empowers YouTubers, podcasters and all creators to set the stage with impactful, personalized soundscapes automatically composed on demand.

Some minor gripes aside, their game-changing tech earns Soundraw a strong recommendation. Harness its genre-transcending production engine now to save money, time and monetization headaches as content creation acceleration reaches overdrive.

FAQs About

Is all Soundraw’s music 100% copyright and royalty-free?

Yes, absolutely. The advanced AI algorithm generates every track from scratch specifically for you. So creators have full clearance to use Soundraw songs commercially without any attribution or payment obligations.

Can I reorder sections or stretch song length after initial creation?

Yes. Through Soundraw’s built-in audio editing controls, you have freedom remix AI-generated compositions however desired by rearranging, removing or extending sections to craft the perfect soundtrack.

What integrations does Soundraw offer?

Key integrations include direct exports to video editors like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, auto-syncing completed tracks to cloud storage platforms, and API access allowing developers to connect Soundraw’s music generator to external applications.

What file formats can I export?

Soundraw supports .MP3 and .WAV bounce outs up to lossless quality, clearing tracks for use across all major video/audio platforms without needing conversion. MIDI export is another option for additional post-production.

Can I create shared team accounts?

Yes. The Pro plan enables adding up to 5 collaborator logins to manage AI-generated music catalogs on group projects seamlessly.