Tovid io – Create YouTube Videos From MP3

Creating videos can be a complex and time-consuming process, often requiring expensive software and advanced editing skills. This is where comes in – it aims to simplify video creation so anyone can turn audio files and images into shareable videos in just a few clicks.

In this detailed review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this platform’s features, capabilities, pricing, pros, cons, and alternatives. By the end, you’ll understand how works and whether it’s the right automated video creation solution for your needs.

What is is a web-based application that lets users create videos by combining MP3 audio files with image files. All it takes is uploading the audio and image, customizing the image placement/zoom, and letting automatically render a video with the image as a dynamic visual accompaniment to the audio.

The resulting video can then be directly published to the user’s YouTube channel. This eliminates the need for manually editing footage and audio together using complex video editing software. was created by a two-person development team as a side project in 2021. It aims to provide an easy way for individuals, businesses, and content creators to repurpose existing audio content into shareable videos.

How Works

The workflow for creating a video with is simple and straightforward:

  1. Sign Up: You first need to create a free account which will manage your video uploads.
  2. Upload Audio: Upload an MP3 audio file up to 100 minutes long. This will become the main audio track for your video.
  3. Upload Image: Upload a high-quality image file like JPG or PNG. This will become the dynamic “cover art” overlaid on the video.
  4. Customize Image: Use panning and zooming tools to crop and position the image how you like.
  5. Render Video: will process the audio and image into a 720p HD video.
  6. Preview and Publish: Review the video preview then publish directly to your connected YouTube account.

The process is designed to be simple enough for beginners while still providing customization for more advanced users. Supported file formats include MP3, JPEG, PNG, and more.

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Features of comes with a robust set of features to customize and tailor your auto-generated videos:

Simple and Intuitive Interface: The interface guides users through each step, providing a clean and distraction-free experience. Easy upload, editing, and publishing supports users of all skill levels.

Audio and Image Customization: Upload any MP3 up to 100 minutes long. Upload any image in mainstream formats like JPG and PNG. Pan, zoom, and crop images to perfection.

Direct YouTube Publishing: Seamlessly connect your YouTube account to publish finished videos or keep them private. No need for manual uploads or sharing video files.

720p HD Video Resolution: The automated rendering process outputs videos at a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, perfect for YouTube and social media.

Secure Service: uses secure protocols and practices like temporary-access YouTube publishing to keep user data safe. No passwords or sensitive data are stored.

Reliable Infrastructure: By leveraging technologies like Docker, NGINX, and Redis, offers reliable service with minimal downtime or outages.

Free and Paid Plans: While core features are available for free, paid plans give access to longer maximum audio length, more renders per month, and priority support.

Overall, provides an optimal balance of simplicity for beginners with customization potential for power users. The automated conversion allows you to repurpose audio content into videos easily.

How Much Does Cost? offers both a free forever plan and paid subscription plans with additional features.

Here is an overview of’s pricing tiers:

Maximum Audio Length15 min60 min100 min
Video Renders Per Month5100500
Access to Premium Templates
Priority Email Support

Key things to note:

  • The free plan allows up to 15 minutes of audio and 5 video renders per month. Great for trying or basic use cases.
  • Premium plan ($9.99/mo) lifts limits significantly and adds premium templates. Ideal for active creators.
  • Business plan ($49.99/mo) maximizes render limits and access to all features. Best for larger teams and companies.
  • All plans let you access core functionality like customization tools, YouTube publishing, HD quality.

Overall,’s pricing is competitive for this category of software and fair given the value provided at each tier. The free plan is quite capable for non-pro users.

Pros of

Here are some of the key advantages and benefits users can expect from using

Easy and intuitive interfaceStraightforward and clean interface makes creating videos simple for beginners
Customization optionsPan, zoom, and crop images to create dynamic and engaging video visuals
Automated processNo need for complex editing skills or software, handles it automatically
Direct YouTube publishingSeamlessly publish completed videos to YouTube without manual uploads
Free plan availableGenerous free plan allows basic usage at no cost
Render speedQuick rendering times compared to manual editing and exporting
SecurityUses secure protocols and practices like temporary YouTube permissions

As the table illustrates, top pros of include ease of use, customization potential, time savings from automation, seamless YouTube connectivity, free tier availability, speedy performance, and security measures.

Cons of

While has many strengths, there are a few limitations to consider as well:

Audio length limitsFree plan has 15 min max length, paid tiers can go up to 100 min
Reliant on YouTubeVideos must be published to YouTube, no way to download files
Limited customizationLess control vs manual editing in complex software
Learning curveStill some learning needed around file types, optimization, uploading
No clip splicingCannot combine multiple audio files into one video
Subscription costPaid plans are required for full capability and performance

In summary, the main drawbacks are limits on maximum audio length, reliance on YouTube rather than ability to download files, slightly less customization control compared to advanced video editors, the learning curve for beginners, inability to splice audio clips, and the need for a paid subscription to unlock full benefits.

How to Use Complete Overview

While aims to offer an intuitive interface, there is still a learning process to optimize the platform, especially for beginners.

Here is a complete step-by-step walkthrough of using to create and publish a professional video:

Step 1: Sign Up for an Account

  • Go to and click Sign Up in the top right corner
  • Enter your email address and create a password
  • Check your email to confirm and log into your new account

Step 2: Upload an MP3 Audio File

  • In the UPLOAD section, select Audio from the sidebar
  • Click Upload Audio and browse your computer to select your MP3
  • For best results, use an MP3 between 5-15 minutes long and under 30MB file size

Step 3: Upload a Cover Image

  • In the sidebar, switch to Image Upload
  • Select a high quality JPG or PNG image on your computer
  • For best quality, aim for at least 1280×720 resolution

Step 4: Customize the Image

  • Use the Pan, Zoom, and Crop tools to modify the image placement
  • Position and resize the image as desired to create engaging cover art

Step 5: Render the Video

  • With your files uploaded and image customized, click PROCESS to render the video
  • Pick 720p resolution and click Create Video
  • Render times vary based on file size but usually take just minutes

Step 6: Preview and Publish to YouTube

  • Once rendered, preview your video to ensure it looks as expected
  • When ready, click YouTube Publish to connect your account and upload directly to YouTube
  • Copy the YouTube link to share your new video!

Following this step-by-step process will help you quickly master Some key tips are optimizing file formats and sizes, properly positioning your cover image, and reviewing the final render before publishing. Alternatives

Here is an overview of how compares to top alternative automated and AI-powered video creation platforms:

PlatformFree PlanPriceStrengthsWeaknesses
KapwingLimited use$20+/mo plansRobust editing toolsSteep learning curve
AnimakerLimited use$49+/mo plansAnimation focusText-to-speech voices can sound robotic
BiteableLimited use$19+/mo plansHundreds of templatesLimited audio and image imports
Renderforest3 free videos/month$9+/mo plansLogo animation toolsLimited flexibility without templates
Adobe ExpressLimited use$9.99+/mo plansName recognitionFewer features than dedicated platforms

As shown in the table, holds its own against competitors and offers a competitive free plan. The ideal alternative depends on your specific use case and needs.

For maximum creative freedom, Kapwing is hard to beat but there is a learning curve. Renderforest is ideal for logo animations and Adobe Express leverage’s Adobe’s brand strength.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

After thoroughly evaluating’s features, capabilities, pricing, pros, cons and alternatives, here is my final verdict: excels as an automated, beginner-friendly platform for creating dynamic YouTube videos by combining audio and images.

The easy-to-use interface, customization tools, rendering technology, and direct YouTube publishing create a streamlined workflow to repurpose audio content without needing video editing expertise.

The free plan is generous, allowing casual users to create up to 5 videos per month at no cost. Stepping up to the paid plans adds longer maximum runtimes and more monthly renders.

While max customization potential lags behind advanced video editors, strikes an ideal balance of capabilities for the average user.

Overall, I give a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The simplicity of the platform combined with the flexibility around audio and image inputs makes it easy to produce high-quality video content.

For people and organizations seeking an automated way to turn audio files into shareable videos, is absolutely worth considering.


What file formats does support? supports MP3 audio files and standard image formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF. Videos render in MP4 format.

Is affiliated with or owned by YouTube?

No, is an independent platform and not affiliated with or owned by YouTube in any way. Videos are published to your own YouTube channel.

What resolution do videos render in? renders videos at 1280×720 pixels, making them HD 720p resolution suitable for YouTube and social media.

Is there a maximum audio length for videos?

The free plan has a 15 minute maximum. Paid Premium plans can go up to 60 minutes while Business plans support up to 100 minutes.

Does have any usage limits?

The free plan can create up to 5 videos per month. Paid plans increase the monthly limits significantly to 100 and 500 videos.

Can I download my finished videos from

Unfortunately videos can only be published to YouTube. There is no option to directly download the rendered video files from currently.