B12.io – Build Your Business With AI

B12.io is an artificial intelligence-powered website builder designed to make creating professional websites easy for businesses.

With AI-enabled features like automatic website setup, content generation, and built-in client engagement tools, B12.io aims to help companies establish a strong online presence quickly and efficiently.

This in-depth B12.io review covers everything potential users need to know, including how the platform works, key features and capabilities, pricing breakdowns, pros and cons compared to alternatives, and more. Read on for the complete analysis.

What is B12.io?

B12.io is a website builder and business software suite created specifically to meet the online needs of service-based businesses like consultants, lawyers, instructors, agents, and practitioners of all kinds.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, B12.io automates time-consuming website setup, design customization, content creation, and integration of client tools – enabling users to get online fast without needing to code or hire web developers.

The all-in-one platform aims to provide essential online business functionality out of the box – not just websites, but built-in tools for securing new clients like contact forms, booking pages, payments, and email marketing.

B12.io was founded in 2015 by Nitesh Banta and Mackenzie Naler and is based in San Francisco, CA.

How B12.io Works


B12.io works by asking users a short series of questions about their business and website needs, then automatically builds, writes and designs a complete website experience customized specifically for them.

The company’s proprietary AI, “Bloom”, is able to generate original, on-brand web design and website copy tailored to each business that signs up. For users wanting a more custom creation experience, B12 also provides access to a team of human website developers and writers.

From the ground up, B12 websites are built using modern technology to ensure that they load quickly, are easy to find through search engines, and work seamlessly on all devices.

Every B12 website includes powerful features like booking pages, payments, and email marketing/CRM – enabling users to attract and engage new leads online.

Features of B12.io

B12.io comes equipped with a robust set of features to not only build effective websites, but run complete online businesses.

Automated Website Creation

The platform’s artificial intelligence capabilities automatically create customized homepages, About pages, blog layouts, and more in minutes based on users’ business data submitted through the BuilderBot. Human specialists refine pages further for client approval.

B12 Machine Learning algorithms auto-generate 100% original text content for an entire website in seconds according to brand voice and keywords. Humans can then edit copy with the Text Editor.

Design Customization

B12.io offers simple design adjustment capabilities through its Editor tool plus 1:1 access to on-staff professional designers for color changes, animations, illustrations, mood boards, etc.

Client Engagement Tools

Tools like contact forms, online appointment schedulers, payments, invoices, email marketing, and video chat are pre-integrated to help businesses connect with and convert clients 24/7.

Integrated Business Operations Tools

Features like customer relationship management, contract management, and accounting support daily business operations and workflows on top of website creation.

Search Engine Optimization

Websites created on B12.io emphasize search engine optimization through AI-generated content based on keywords, efficient site architecture, speed optimization, and schema markup for better indexing.

How Much Does B12.io Cost?

B12.io offers four paid plans, each designed to serve businesses at different stages from individual consultants to enterprise teams.

Compared to hiring a traditional web development agency, B12.io offers significant savings. All plans unlock the platform’s core AI website builder, customization, and business software capabilities.

PlanPriceBest For
Professional$88/moSmall Teams
Business$199/moMid-Market Businesses
EnterpriseCustom PricingEnterprise Teams

Pros of B12.io

Below are some of the main advantages of using B12.io:

AI-Powered AutomationAutomates time-intensive website building, design, content creation, and tool integration
Pre-Built Business ToolsContact forms, online booking, payments, email marketing pre-integrated to convert clients
Easy CustomizationUser-friendly Editor and 1:1 expert design services for personalized websites
Optimized for ConversionsEmphasizes website speed, mobile optimization, SEO to generate more leads
SecurityEnterprise-grade security, data privacy, and uptime guarantees

Cons of B12.io

A few potential downsides to consider:

Steep Learning CurveDashboard interface has a bit of a learning curve for less tech-savvy users
Limited Custom CodeNo ability to input advanced custom code like JavaScript
Asset LimitsCaps on storage, bandwidth based on plan selected
Lead Routing IssuesSome users have reported issues with lead routing from forms

How to Use B12.io: Complete Overview

Using B12.io involves just a few simple steps:

  1. Signup – Create an account by connecting your GoDaddy domain or buying a new one directly on B12.io. Select your plan level.
  2. BuilderBot Questionnaire – Answer a 2-3 minute questionnaire about your business goals so Bloom AI can start custom building.
  3. Page-by-Page Approval – Review auto-generated Pages for your homepage, About page, Contact page, etc. Refine pages further through Editor.
  4. Add Client Tools – Install powerful pre-built tools like online booking apps, payments, video chat to your website. Connect email and CRM.
  5. Launch – B12 will migrate your old site or set up new domain DNS records. Make final SEO refinements. Go live!
  6. Manage – Use B12’s BuilderBot and Editor to continue optimizing your site. Update content, add blog posts. Monitor analytics.

With B12.io’s artificial intelligence doing most of the heavy lifting, getting online is simple and speeds that used to take months now only take minutes.

B12.io Alternatives

B12.io competes most directly with other AI and automated website builders in addition to traditional website development platforms.

PlatformProsConsBest For
SquarespaceBeautiful templates, powerful ecommerceLimited built-in biz tools, more complexDesign-Forward Sites
WixMassive app ecosystem, great customizationClunky editor, ads on free plansCustomized Sites
WordPressOpen source, tons of plugin optionsManual setup required, not intuitiveAdvanced Users
DudaAI builder, built-in CRM and emailScale limits on lower-priced plansDigital Agencies
ShopifyBuilt for high-volume ecommerceExpensive,subpar blogsEcommerce Stores

Squarespace leads in simple design quality while Wix offers greater app functionality. WordPress requires more technical skill but offers ultimate flexibility. Duda competes directly as an emerging AI builder while Shopify dominates ecommerce.

Conclusion and Verdict: B12.io Review

In my evaluation, B12.io hits the mark as a top AI-powered website builder and business software suite to help service professionals get online fast.

Featuring effortless automatization for building, writing, and launching websites plus built-in lead generation and operations tools, B12.io simplifies establishing an online presence to acquire more clients.

While the platform still has some room to improve when it comes to easing onboarding barriers for less technical users and addressing lead routing bugs, its powerful AI automation combined with customization flexibility make it a game changing platform.

Ideal users include bootstrapped entrepreneurs, busy solopreneurs, and scaling service businesses who want to accelerate growth through winning online presences and leveraging advanced digital client tools.

For those simply needing a basic brochure site, Squarespace likely remains a better creative option – but for harnessing the power of artificial intelligence alongside pre-built sales funnels, B12 is a market leader in enabling online business success.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars